We need a platform to pave the way for exciting art from diverse perspectives within the cultural sector.

Through the events we offer, we want to emphasize important topics within the cultural sector and bring underrepresented artistic perspectives to a wider audience. Simultaneously, we invite you to join discussions, conferences and festival programming to engage and reflect on institutional structures and access to the cultural sector.


Our workshops aim to empower artists who don’t have equal access to opportunities within the cultural sector. We develop mentoring programs and soft skill training courses, which support them with building networks, professionalize their work and strengthen their artistic perspective. On our page on empowerment, we explain why empowerment is indispensable for a holistic approach to diversity and how it contributes to more equal opportunities.


We also offer workshops on a variety of topics related to diversity. Trainings are open to art practitioners and provide basic information on anti-discrimination and organizational development as well as engage diversity-oriented perspectives on cultural practice. Our workshops also serve as a platform for collegial exchange on diversity.


The workshops are divided into three levels: Level 1 teaches the basics of structural discrimination. Level 2 deepens the knowledge about different dimensions of discrimination and provides insight into their intersectional interconnections. Level 3 deals with the successful implementation of anti-discrimination knowledge in practice.

On our page Diversity Competence you can find more information about the levels and contents of the workshops as well as online resources for self-study.


All of our events and workshops are free. You can find more information on how to apply on the respective event or workshop page. You can use the filters to:

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  • adjust the settings according to what you already know
  • show which events and workshops will be translated into English or German Sign Language

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