The debate about diversity in art and culture is complex. In the magazine, we offer insights into different facets of the debate in text, audio, image and video contributions. Our publications bundle knowledge on topics such as classism and disability in the cultural sector or illuminate cultural policy and structural levers in the development of diversity.


Looking for best practice examples within the cultural sector? Want to discover artistic perspectives beyond the mainstream? Interested in a write-up about the last event?
In our magazine, we make the discursive and creative side of diversity development visible.

Do-It-Yourself-Workshop: Ressourcen solidarisch einsetzen

Do-It-Yourself workshop for groups who want to work together on anti-discrimination in their own work context in the cultural field.

Dossier "Kunst kommt von Können?!"

The dossier contributes to the current debate on classism in the cultural sector. The collection offers a first overview of which perspectives on classism in the cultural sector already exist, but also where there are gaps.

Publikation „Behinderung im Spielplan“

The interviews in this brochure focus on the perspective of people with disabilities in the cultural sector. People with different disabilities are interviewed, experiences of multiple discrimination are made visible and different positions with regard to staff (who works in the cultural sector), program (which stories are told) and audience (who has access to cultural events) are mapped.

Publikation "Call for Access"

"Call for Access" bundles the experiences, needs and findings on the empowerment of marginalized actors and makes cultural policy recommendations in this regard.

Publikation: „Wir hatten da ein Projekt ...“

Far too often, diversity development in cultural institutions takes place only selectively and is not thought of structurally. This publication is a call for diversity-oriented structural change. The focus is on the conditions for success of structural diversity development in institutions.

Reader "Den Elfenbeinturm entern"

Isolated from the world and self-referential - the cultural sector has long been criticized as an ivory tower. But how can anti-discrimination trainers help to initiate structural changes and create access?