25.02.2022 –

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10:00 - 15:00 Uhr


The event will take place in German spoken language and interpretation into German sign language (DGS) will be provided.


For additional needs in terms of accessibility for the event or any questions, the project team is at your disposal and can be reached by sending an email to: info@fairstage.berlin

Digital Symposium of the Pilot Project FAIRSTAGE

The digital event is intended to provide specific examples of the measures on the basic of practical experiences that can be transferred to institutionally funded theaters in Berlin. Experts from a variety of disciplines and structures will provide ideas and suggestions for how culturally policy recommendations for action can be realized and what challenges can arise in the praxis of operating a theatrical venue: which ideas for fair working conditions free from discrimination have already been able to be specifically developed and realized in organizations up until now? How can the knowledge gained from these be made usable for the implementation of recommendations for action from the list of measures? What developments have there been in cultural policy fields of action that FAIRSTAGE has identified as adjustment points for changes?


Schedule of Events

10:00 am | Official Welcome – Introduction to the Day
The event is moderated by: Julia Schell


10:10 am | What is FAIRSTAGE?
With the FAIRSTAGE team
What exactly is this pilot project dedicated to? What are the goals of FAIRSTAGE and what plans are there? The first phase project had the goal of developing a list of measures – how did the participatory processes go and what contents are included in the list? How will the project continue now?


10:30 am | After the Status Quo: Discussion Panel on Collective Leadership and Models for Joint Decision Making
With Michelle Akanji (Gessnerallee), Sophie Kara-Ebner (Staatstheater Mannheim), Sasha Davydova (Berliner Ringtheater), Christina Schulz (Theater an der Parkaue), Martin Butzke (Freier Schauspieler)
Moderated by: Tran Thu Trang
This panel discussion will deal with examples from practical experiences involving transformation process- es at performance venues: How are specifically determined attempts for discrimination-critical and good working conditions in structures tested out? What has worked well and where are there challenges? What can institutionally funded spoken word theaters take along from these examples for their practical work?


11:30 am | Break

12:00 pm | Good Practice from the Neighborhood: Keynote Speeches for Approaches to Actions Outside of Cultural Institutions
With Lena Prabha Nising (co-director of the Projektfonds Urbane Praxis), Charlotte Koppenhöfer (organi- zational developer) and others
We are inviting experts from a variety of areas to present their ideas and suggestions from different disciplines. They will share knowledge regarding topics such as hiring processes that are sensitive to the topic of diversity, “new” work and organizational development.


1:30 pm: Break


2:00 pm | Cultural Policy Hour: Discussion About Fields of Action Within Berlin!s Cultural Policy
Representatives from the field of cultural policy and advocacy groups speak in this panel about their politi- cal goals and specific fields of actions within the list of measures: in the current governing coalition agree- ment for the state of Berlin, specific goals such as, for example, transparent processes for the appointment and accompaniment of leadership positions, the revision of the Konzeptförderung program for independent performance venues or a development of Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe that is sensi- tive to discrimination and oriented toward diversity are named. How should these goals now be realized? What steps are planned beyond them?


3:00 pm | End of the event


The pilot project FAIRSTAGE is a joint initiative of Diversity Arts Culture, ensemble-netzwerk and LAFT Berlin and is funded by Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


You can register to attend the event through February 24, 2022 by sending an email to info@fairstage.berlin. To do so, please tell us your name and, if applicable, your institution as well as any possible needs you may have regarding accessibility for the event.